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Infinite Facts
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 | 14:45

The boys almost didn't debut under the name of Infinite, but under a name like Supersonic, I-Pop or Blackberry.
Until today, the boys still make contact with their dongsaeng (Jiae).

Has attentive personality.
Has a very sensitive skin and had allergy to metal.

For Dongwoo, Kenya is an alter ego.
He was really sad when there were days when nothing seems to go his way.
In real life, his complexion is brighter and his personality is more absurb.
Know how to make Kimchi stew.

Wants to learn how to appear well in variety show from MC Yoo Jaesuk.
Wants to do a duet with someone he likes If U Leave by Musiq (Soulchild).
Has the broadest shoulder among other Infinite's member.
His face can swell very easily. So, he has to avoid eating sometimes.
If he has a perfectly free day, he wants to go on a date.
For him, the hard point during training time is that they were always hungry because they had to control their weight.
Wants to learn piano.
Loves Epik High's "Run" and Musiq (Soulchild) "If U Leave".

When he meet someone for the first time, he feels like he become close with them when they call him Hoya not Howon.
His home town is in Busan.
Likes to practice until late. So, he overslept a lot.
Resembles Jjanggu character because of his dark eyebrows. *but now it isn't dark anymore*
Always think that he has the best body among other members.
Usually circling the buffet line two times before grab his plate and makes his selection.

He is working hard to study English.
His precious thing is fans letter. He keeps it in his desk and he's going to laminate it.
Has family member in entertainment industry.
For him, his nose is his best body part.
Love bullying his managers and his members.
Claims that he knows Chinese. But unfortunately, he's not fluent as he thinks.

Has a dream as a photographer.
Loves to play with ball.
May look delicated but he is actually pretty stubborn and have a temper.
He's the member who is very alert with camera.
Member who eats a lot.
His motto 'Enjoy the moment right now'
His parents rejected his dream as an Idol at first, but changed their mind after he pass the audition.

When Sunggyu ask him "Do you know H.O.T?", he said that he didn't know.
Has a brother who is three years younger than him.
The reason why he never update his twitter again after his first tweet because his notebook was broken.

Thanks for reading..!!!